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Health (including Emotional Health and Wellbeing)

Please take a look at the frequently asked questions below about Health and Wellbeing at The Clifton Centre.

What is the school’s policy on administering medication?

Medication is discussed as part of induction, where forms are completed. This is done on an individualised basis depending on need. Letters are given out during induction to inform parents /carers that is their responsibility to let us know if the medication is to change. Medication is kept in a locked drawer and is only accessible by the administrator and the member of staff allocated to administer and record the dosage given.

How do you work with the family to draw up a care plan and ensure that all relevant staff are aware of the plan?

When a care plan is required this is discussed between health professionals and parents are informed of this where appropriate.

There is a school nurse who does health checks with students in school. She is available on the phone if any advice is needed re health concerns and issues may they arise.There are trained first aid members of staff. Any pupils needing specialist care for an existing medical condition would be assessed on an individualised basis and staff would seek training where required.

What would the school do in the case of a medical emergency?

If there was a need for a student to have a care plan with regard to Emergency care and procedures, this would be carried out on an individualised basis and all staff would be made aware of this where appropriate.

If an unexpected medical emergency arose, all staff and students are aware of who the first aiders are.Due to high staff to student ratio the other students would be removed from the scene ensuring the safety of staff and students where possible.

How do you ensure that staff are trained/qualified to deal with a child’s particular needs?

All staff are trained to deal with students with SEN and behavioural difficulties. Should there be a student with a medical condition attending the centre; appropriate training would be provided prior to their start date if required.

Which health or therapy services can children access on school premises?

Health and therapy services are offered through the Salford Health Referral team and are not accessed on site.