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Communication with Parents

Regular home school contact to ensure that students’ needs are being met is prioritised by The Clifton Centre.

In addition to the Annual Review, there are three evenings per academic year when parents can come into the centre, see their child’s work and speak with teachers about their child’s progress. We are always happy to take phone calls, text messages or emails from parents and same-day appointments can usually be booked if parents would like to meet a particular member of staff.

The Clifton Centre welcomes feedback from parents. This may be given in a number of ways: in person, by telephone or in writing by letter or email. Parents are encouraged to have their say about The Clifton Centre on Parent View.

Please take a look at the frequently asked questions below for more information.

Please contact our office office if you have any further queries. 

Communication with Parents

How do you ensure that parents know “who’s who” and who they can contact if they have concerns about their child?

During induction the parents / carers will meet with one of the centre Manager’s, after initial assessments are completed they will be allocated a form tutor who will phone up to introduce themselves. If the pupil has an EHC plan they will also meet with the SENCo to discuss their child’s needs.

Do parents have to make an appointment to meet with staff or do you have an Open Door policy?

Parents can ring and make an appointment to come to speak to staff when necessary.

How do you keep parents updated with their child’s progress?

Parent review days are arranged at the start of each term (3 times a year). However if we have any concerns regarding the progress your child we will contact you to discuss. A pupil’s provision map of education is discussed with the parents so that they are aware of their child’s levels and progress being made.Phone calls home are made on a very regular basis, to celebrate individual successes and good news, as well as to provide regular feedback on any area we is important.

How can parents give feedback to the school?

Parent feedback sheets are completed between staff and parents on review day and are kept on file. Every time a parent is contacted this is recorded in the school office.

Working Together

Do you have home/school contracts?

Parents and students sign a contract and code of conduct during their induction to The Clifton Centre PRU; they also sign a student contract to say that their rights and responsibilities will be adhered to. This is to ensure that both parties will work together to provide the best possible outcome for the child.

What opportunities do you offer for children to have their say? e.g. school council

We run a student council meeting, which meets every half term and has a representative from each form group present. Students have the opportunity during form time to discuss any concerns or suggestions they may have, these views are then presented to the Head of Centre who considers what actions need to be taken.

What opportunities are there for parents to have their say about their child’s education?

Parent view is very important within The Clifton Centre PRU. The curriculum is tailored to the individual needs of the student. All students have access to English, Mathematics, ICT, Art, Vocational Subjects and PSHE. However, this can be supported by some alternative provision if it is deemed to be beneficial to them.

Annual Reviews

What arrangements are in place for review meetings for children with Statements or Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans?

When pupils come to the PRU with an Education, Health or Care Plan they are still on the roll of their host school, they will inform us when their annual reviews are due as part of their induction.

Students will have the opportunity to sit down with their assigned tutor to discuss their views which can be used to contribute towards the annual review; this can be done in an informal chat where the student can describe their thoughts and feelings. This will be done in a way that is appropriate for the student, either by writing things down, drawing pictures or through photographs where appropriate. The annual review will be carried out with a variety of different Educational and Health professionals and this is decided on an individual basis according to the needs of the student.

Parents will also be invited into school prior to the meeting to discuss their views with regards to their child’s provision and to see what is working and what needs to be done to help them to make progress in school.

What arrangements are in place for children with other SEN support needs?

Students with SEN will have an allocated time with their form tutor on a weekly basis to discuss their progress and behaviour in class. The student’s form tutor will have regular contact with parents to discuss successes and weaknesses and support can be increased if we feel a student is having difficulties. This may be more support in the classroom or some, one to one work or could involve other agencies being involved to offer further support.