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AP Taskforce

The Clifton Centre Alternative Provision Specialist Taskforce (APST)


The Alternative Provision Specialist Taskforce was set up in September 2021 as a funded pilot project via the Department for Education for two years.  In July 2023, Salford City Council provided funding, along with the Department for Education, so that the project could continue up until March 2025.

The main aim and outcome for the young people supported by the project is to reduce the risks of becoming involved in, or affected by, serious youth violence which can be done via:

  • one to one support
  • group work
  • intensive or a light touch depending on individual needs

We know that our students are often vulnerable to becoming involved in situations they can't control, either as victims or as perpetrators.  This project has allowed us to be able to create a specialist team, working alongside the PRU staff, to support the students of the Clifton Centre and their families.

The team currently consists of:

  • a Youth Worker
  • a Mental Health Practitioner (Emotional Wellbeing Worker)
  • a Family Support Worker
  • a Speech and Language Therapist
  • a Transition Mentor/Post-16 Career Connect Advisor

These professionals work closely together to be bale to share best practice to support you and your children and we feel we are really fortunate to have a great team of experienced practitioners onsite.

The staff are with us from between one day to four days each week.  They are overseen and managed by Yvonne Miller (Clifton Safeguarding/Deputy Safeguarding Lead) and Matt Wilson (Clifton Youth Engagement Officer) who have both worked at Clifton for many years.

The professionals work closely together to:

  • improve students attendance
  • reduce the risk of students becoming affected by serious violence and harm
  • improve students' mental health and wellbeing
  • give students aims, aspirations and practical support so they leave the Clifton Centre with a positive future and minimise the risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training)

Students may work with a range of specialists depending on their priority needs.

Referrals for support from the team come from school based staff and students themselves can self-refer.  If you feel your child needs the support of any of these professionals, you can contact the Clifton Centre on 0161 921 1300 to discuss with Yvonne and Matt.

Although this funding comes to an end in March 2025, the positive feedback we have had from students themselves, parents, the professionals and other agencies means we are hopeful we can secure further funding for this multi-agency, or similar team, for the future.