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The Clifton Centre is committed to the aims, as stated within this policy. We sincerely believe that all students benefit from the education we provide, and therefore from regular school attendance.


School expects that all our students will:

•         Attend school regularly.

•         Arrive on time and be appropriately prepared for the day as stated in our induction contract agreement (which parents are asked to sign when 

          the student starts school).

•         Carry out any work provided by the school during an authorised leave period (e.g distance learning).


 School expects that parents will:

• Endeavour to keep health appointments out of school hours, where possible.

• Inform The Clifton Centre of any reason or problem that may hinder their child from attending school.

• Fulfil their legal responsibilities and ensure their child attends school.

• Contact school, as soon as possible, whenever their child is unable to attend school.

• Seek permission from the school for any leave of absence. Holidays will not be authorised (see below). The Attendance Lead and the Centre Manager have the right to refuse to authorise any leave of absence, in accordance with Local Authority guidelines. Medical evidence such as a prescription or appointment card may be requested to support absences where a child is said to be ill.


 Parents and students can expect the following from the school:

• Regular, efficient and accurate recording of attendance (term reports sent home and parent review day at the start of terms).

• Early contact when a student is absent without explanation.

• Action on any attendance problem notified to the school.

• Referral of specific attendance issues to supporting agencies, where appropriate.


We encourage attendance by:

• Consistent, clear communication with parents and students about the importance of regular, prompt, attendance.

• Setting targets for improved attendance and sharing these with parents and students.

• The accurate completion of registers for AM & PM sessions.