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Success for Y11 Student Jess

Tuesday 8th Mar 2022

Jess, a year 11 learner engaged fully with the programme and has successfully completed the course. She has since visited her identified toddler, who has additional needs at his own school. After February half term she will complete further days in his special needs school and one day a week at his nursery. Jess said she enjoyed the programme, felt more confident and that this had confirmed that she would like to work in a nursery when she leaves school 

Well Done Jess, we are all very proud of you!

Teens and Toddlers comprises of 45 hours mentoring a toddler and curriculum time which included; 

Self reflection and personal responsibility and choice 
Interpersonal and relational skills 
Self affirmation and self assertion 
Job skills and life planning  
Capacity to engage in a learning environment 
Mentoring a child 
Ability to identify the needs of a small child 
Contributing to community 
Empathy and the capacity to extend care and support to others 
Appreciation of difference and aspiration 
Appropriate boundary setting 
Positive relations