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Clifton Centre Summer Programme 22-23

Monday 18th Sep 2023

A number of students engaged in this year’s Clifton Centre summer programme.

The programme included a mixture of on-site and off-site activities….


Cooking, Multi-Sports, Breakfast Club, Go-Karting, Board Games, Art & Crafts, Beach Day, Music Production Workshop, High Ropes Adventure, Water Sports and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


Thanks to all the staff who were involved in the planning and delivery of the programme. The students loved it!


Aims & Objectives

· To offer a wide range of challenging yet rewarding activities across the summer holidays.

· To engage young people in enrichment activities that develop students’ confidence and self-esteem, resilience and leadership skills.

· Setting high expectations for student behaviour, conduct & social skills, through pro social modelling and supportive guidance.

· Promote positive attitudes from students towards each other and towards the wider community.

· To reduce the risk of young people becoming involved in anti-social behaviour/offending over the holiday period.

· To encourage young people to be responsible, respectful and active citizens.

· Daily discussions around students understanding of fundamental British values including: democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance.

· Improve team-building skills and encourage new friendships and improve peer relationships.

· Ensure all y/p have an enjoyable yet challenging experience.

Feedback from students:

- Had a buzz you know, can’t lie, nice one!

- Best time ever!!

- Blackpool was mint!

- Was a laugh. Zip-lining was fun!

- It stopped me being bored over Summer!

- It helped me stay in a routine over summer, like normal, being tired because you’ve been out all day then going to bed at normal time

- Helped me to stay out of trouble. I would have been getting in loads of trouble if it wasn’t for this.



Feedback from parents/carers:


- Thank you for organising this over the summer. Wasn’t looking forward to the summer holidays but because of this he has had a great summer!

- It was a brilliant idea. Helped to keep my son’s connection with school and this will make it a lot easier once school starts again in September.

- It was great! He got to know all the school staff, loved coming and this will hopefully help him to settle into school.

- ***** really enjoyed it and wanted to do even more!